Innovative Research & Development


Our company has participated in the drafting of over 20 national, industry, and group standards, including 11 national standards, 3 industry standards, and 2 group standards. The details are as follows:

(1) GB/T 35774-2017 'Specification for Performance Testing of Transport Packaging Components'

(2) GB/T 4857.1-2019 'Basic Testing of Packaging, Transportation, and Packaging Components - Part 1: Marking Methods for Various Parts during Testing'

(3) GB/T 4798.1-2019 'Classification of Environmental Conditions - Classification of Environmental Parameter Groups and Classification of Their Severity - Part 1: Storage'

(4) GB/T 2421-2020 'Overview and Guidelines for Environmental Testing'

(5) GB/T 2423.27-2020 'Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test Methods, Test Methods and Guidelines: Temperature/Low Pressure or Temperature/Humidity/Low Pressure Combined Tests'

(6) GB/T 2423.51-2020 'Environmental Testing - Part 2: Test Methods - Test Ke: Flow Mixed Gas Corrosion Test'

(7) GB/T 32065.8-2020 Marine Instruments - Environmental Testing Methods - Part 8: Temperature Change Test

(8) GB/T 32065.10-2020 Marine Instruments - Environmental Testing Methods - Part 10: Salt Spray Test

(9) GB/T 4797.9-2021 Classification of Environmental Conditions - Natural Environmental Conditions - Shock and Vibration Data Measured during Storage, Transportation, and Use

(10) GB/T 2423.33-2021 Environmental Testing Part 2: Test Methods Test Kca: High Concentration Sulfur Dioxide Test

(11) GB/T 2423.18-2021 Environmental Testing Part 2: Test Methods Test Kb: Salt Spray, Alternating (Sodium Chloride Solution)

(12) NB/T 10279-2019 'Wet and Hot Environmental Conditions for Transmission and Transformation Equipment'

(13) NB/T 10280-2019 'Wet and Hot Environmental Conditions and Technical Requirements for State Monitoring Devices Used in Power Grids'

(14) YZ/T 0174-2020 Technical Requirements for Cold Chain Delivery Insulation Box

(15) T/CPF 0012-2020 Guidelines for Testing Small Transport Packages for Express Delivery

(16) T/CPF 0011-2020 Guidelines for Testing Electrical Transportation Packaging in E-commerce Logistics