Express Packaging Green Product Certification


1、 Certification mark


2、 Scope of certified products

Serial NumberProduct CategoryProduct Scope DescriptionCertification Basis
1EnvelopeExpress envelopes made from plant fibers

Technical Requirements for Evaluation of Green Products in Express Packaging (Guo You Fa [2020] No. 62)

2Packaging boxExpress packaging boxes and tape free packaging boxes made from plant fibers
3packagePackaging bags made from biodegradable raw materials
4Container bagContainer bags made from natural and chemical fibers as raw materials
5Electronic waybillElectronic waybills made from plant fibers
6Plant fillersFillers made from plant fibers
7Plastic fillerFillers made from biodegradable raw materials
8Hanging fastening packagingSuspension fastening packaging made from plant fibers
9adhesive tapeTape made from biodegradable raw materials
10Reusable express packagingReusable envelopes, packaging boxes, integrated bags, etc. made from raw materials with minimal environmental and health hazards

3、 Certification process