Large/Heavy Test Capability

When conducting environmental and reliability tests on large and heavy samples, the difficulty lies in the ability and working status of the testing equipment. Youruite Testing has a complete set of testing equipment and facilities, which can provide relevant testing and technical services.


1、18 ton high thrust vibration table (equipped with full travel traveling crane, easy to operate)

1. Vibrate direction:Horizontal /Vertical

2. Max. sine force peak:18000kgf

3. Frequency range:DC~2200Hz

4. Max. displacement (p-p):51mm

5. Horizontal platform size(mm):1800×1800(Scalable)

6. Vertical platform siz(mm):1800×1800(Scalable)

7. Control System: Sine, Random, Shock, Sine + Random, 

Random + Random, RSTD, 16 Channels



2,5.5 ton large displacement vibration table (equipped with full travel traveling crane, easy to operate)

1. Vibrate direction:Horizontal /Vertical

2. Max. sine force peak:5500kgf

3. Frequency range:DC~2500Hz

4. Max. displacement (p-p):80mm

5. Horizontal platform size(mm):1400×1400/700×700

6. Vertical platform siz(mm):1400×1400/700×700

7. Controller system:Sine、Random、Shock、RSTD、8 Channels  


3、15 cubic meter walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber

1. Inner dimension(mm):W(3000) × H(2500)× D(2000)

2. Temperature range:-40℃~+100℃ 

3. Cooling rate:1℃/min(With 1KW thermal load)

4. Temp. heat-up rate:2℃/min(With 1KW thermal load)

5. Humidity range:(30~95)%RH

6. Temp. undulation:≤±0.5℃

7. Temp. uniformity:≤2.0℃


4、18 cubic meter walk-in temperature and humidity test chamber

1.Product model:WRM-18M-40-W

2.Nominal content product:18m³  18000L

3.Size of inner box:W(3000)mm×H(3000)mm×D(2000)mm

4.Temperature range:-40℃~+100℃(Nonlinear with 5KW load)

5.Temperature uniformity:≤ 2.0℃

6.Heating rate:2℃/min(Nonlinear with 1KW load)

Cooling rate:1℃/min(Nonlinear with 1KW load)


5、15 cubic meter walk-in sand and dust test chamber

1.Product model:SC-0150

2.Studio size:D2500mm×W2000mm×H3000mm


4.Dust concentration:2~4kg/m³ 

5.Allowable temperature values:RT+10℃~60℃

6.Relative humidity:≤ 25%RH(monitor)

7.Dust blowing control cycle:1s~99h(adjustable)

8.Timing of test time:1s~999h adjustable 


6、15 cubic meter walk-in composite salt test chamber

1.Studio size:2.5M*2.0M*3.62M(width × deep × High)

2.Temperature fluctuation:±0.5℃

3.Temperature uniformity:≤ 2℃

4.Temperature deviation:±1℃

5.Spray deposition (m1/80cm2.h):1-2ML

6.Humidity range:20-98%

7.Spray pressure:1±0.01kgf/cm2

8.Test chamber capacity:The volume of the experimental space is approximately 18m3

9.Main functions of the equipment:Neutral salt mist


7、Temperature+Temperature Humidity+Vibration (Three Comprehensive)

5.5 ton vibration table Electromagnetic shaker:

1.Vibrate direction:Horizontal /Vertical

2. Max. sine force peak:5500kgf

3. Frequency range:DC~2500Hz

4. Max. displacement (p-p):80mm

5. Horizontal platform size(mm):700×700

6. Vertical platform siz(mm):700×700


Rapid temperature change test box Chamber:

1.Inner dimension(mm):1000×1000×1000(W×D×H) 

2.Temperature range:-70℃~+180℃ 

3.Humidity range:10%RH~98%RH

                                                                                     4.Cooling rate:≥20℃/min

                                                                                     5.Temp. heat-up rate:≥20℃/min


8、Temperature+temperature and humidity+impact/collision (three combinations)

Impact Parameters:

1.Waveform:Half sine

2. Max. payload:50kg

3. Acceleration:100~15000m/s2

4. Pulse duration:0.8ms~40ms 

Impact Parameter:

1.Waveform:Half sine 

2. Max. payload:50kg

3. Acceleration:30~2000m/s2 

4. Pulse duration:1.5ms~30ms

                                                                                       Rapid temperature change test box Chamber:

                                                                                       1.Inner dimension(mm):1000×1000×1000(W×D×H)

                                                                                       2. Temperature range:-70℃~+180℃ 

                                                                                       3.  Humidity range:10%RH~98%RH

                                                                                       4.cooling rate/Temp.heat-up rate:≥20℃/min


9、Horizontal Clamping

1.Maximum test weight:100kg 

2.Holding pressure:According to the handling diagram on the test sample, 

  it can be applied on the corresponding surface

30-2000kg (adjustable) pressure

3.Test space size:2000×1500×1000mm(L×W×H) 

4.Height adjustment of splint:0-1000mm Settable

5.Lifting speed:10-500mm/min adjustable

6.Clamping speed:10-50mm/min adjustable

7.Splint expansion width:0-2000mm

8.Floor size:2000×1900mm


10、Oblique impact+horizontal impact

1.Test function mode:Comprehensive testing of inclined plane and horizontal plane

2.Sliding length:0-4000mm Can be programmed (or specified) at will

3.Maximum weight of specimen:1500kg

4.Block size:2000×2000mm,thickness 20mm

5.Baffle size:2500×3000mm(W×H)

6.Orbital plane and horizontal clamping 



11、Compression Resistance

1. Test force range:0-1kg

2. Sensor accuracy:±0.03%,大于30kg measurable

3. Test space:2500×1800×1800mm(L×W×H)

4. Upper and lower platen:2500×1800mm(L×W)

5. Testing function: pressure resistance function; Pressure holding function (adjustable for a duration of 0-9999H)


12、Simulated Transportation

1. Maximum test load:500kg

2.Frequency Range:10-300 RPM

3. Amplitude range:1 inch(25.4mm)

4. Vibration mode:Rotary style (commonly known as running horse style)

5. Simulated speed:25-40km/h

6. Test table size:2500×1500mm


13、Zero Drop

1. Maximum weight of specimen:0-500kg

2. Drop height:0-2000mm

3. Maximum specimen size:2500×2000×500mm(L×W×H)

4. Drop mode:Pneumatic


14、Auxiliary Equipment

A、AC variable frequency power supply

1. Output capacity:100KVA

2. Circuit mode:IGBT/PWM Wide modulation method

3. AC input:

Phase number:hree-phase


Frequency fluctuation range:50HZ or 60HZ

4. AC output:

Phase number:hree-phase

Waveform:SINE WAVE

Voltage:Low range: 0-260V continuously adjustable; High end: 0-520V continuously adjustable


Frequency stability rate:≤ 0.1%

Maximum current: H high-end (A) 240V: 138; L low range (A) 120V: 276


B、 Programmable AC power supply

1. The output voltage:0-300V

2. Input voltage:AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz

3. Output frequency:45-400Hz

4. Voltage stability:≤1%

5. Frequency stability:≤0.1%

6. Distortion:≤2%(Resistive load)

7. Crest factor:1.41±0.10

8. Source voltage effect:≤1%

Load effect:≤1%


C、Programmable DC power supply

1.The output voltage:0-60V

2. Output current:0-200A

3. Output Power:0-12000W

4. Power stability rate:≤0.3%+10mv

5. Load stability rate:≤0.5%+30mv

6. Ripple:≤0.5%+10mv(r


D、 Name: Liftable Forklift

Bearing:2 T


E、 Name: Hanging crane