Comprehensive Environment


Comprehensive environment:

The product may be affected by various environmental factors in actual use, resulting in the failure of weak links and defects in the product under the influence of various natural and induced environmental factors. Due to the comprehensive environmental testing, it can more accurately reflect the actual use of the product

The environment can more realistically reflect the performance of the product in on-site use and expose its defects. Therefore, the impact of the comprehensive environment on the product is often irreplaceable by single environmental factor tests.

Definition of experiment: Comprehensive environmental experiment usually refers to a laboratory environmental simulation experiment conducted by multiple environmental factors in the same space and at the same time. Laboratory environmental simulation tests conducted in the same space but not at the same time are referred to as multiple environmental factors

Combination test.

Test purpose: The purpose of comprehensive environmental testing is to simulate the comprehensive environmental stress and its impact that electronic products are often subjected to during transportation, storage, and use in the laboratory as much as possible under economic and technical conditions, reflecting the actual use of the product

Use the environment to expose product defects and weak links.

Test items, method standards, and testing capabilities:

Comprehensive Environment