Quality Inspection Report

As a professional third-party testing laboratory, Youruite Testing has qualifications such as CNAS, CMA, and import and export commodity inspection and appraisal institutions. It can provide one-stop testing and certification services for manufacturers and traders related to the battery industry, and issue authoritative and impartial testing reports.





1、 Application scenarios for quality inspection reports

1. E-commerce platforms: Amazon, JD, Tmall, Tiktok, Taobao, Pinduoduo, etc

2. Insurance: Ping An, Pacific, China Life Insurance, etc

3. Bidding

4. Entering the mall

5. Industrial and commercial inspection

The following are the entry requirements for lithium battery products on a certain e-commerce platform:



2、 Why choose Youruite

1. Complete qualifications

2. Platform recognition

3. Team Discipline

4. Experienced

5. Numerous cases

3、 Quality inspection report processing process

1. Confirm requirements and provide product related information

2. Reply to quotation and commission form

3. Send samples as required and make payment

5. Detection

6. Issuance of testing report

7. Review the testing report, sign, stamp, and distribute the testing report

4、 Validity period of quality inspection report

Quality inspection reports generally do not have a fixed expiration date.

1. The quality inspection report should be tested using appropriate standards, and as long as the standards are currently valid, the quality inspection report should be valid.

2. E-commerce platforms have the right to conduct random inspections of products from time to time, and may require updating of quality inspection reports to ensure that products meet quality requirements.

3. The quality supervision department conducts regular and irregular quality inspections, and there is a possibility of non acceptance of quality inspection reports exceeding one year.