Protection Grade


Protection level:

Test definition: The protection level generally refers to the level of protection provided to the equipment casing, represented by IP code and IK code.

Test purpose:

IP protection mainly aims to prevent the penetration of fixed foreign objects, prevent the human body from approaching charged parts, prevent dust from entering, and prevent liquid from entering.

IK protection mainly describes the specified performance of the equipment to withstand mechanical impact forces in all directions.

Test items, method standards, and testing capabilities:

Protection Grade

Equipment Capability Parameters:




Integrated rain shower

1.IPX12 :Drip hole 0.4mm,Between each hole 20*20mm。Drip area 1000*1000mm,

      height 2000mm;(Height adjustable:200-2000mm)

2.IPX34 Raining device: swinging pipe radius R400.600.800.1000mm, 与IPX4K Shared pendulum tube,R600.800

                 Nozzle angle:IP3:120°,IP4:180°

                 Pendulum angle:IP3:120°,IP4:360°

3. Parameters of handheld shower nozzle device: (suitable for IPX34 level testing on large and heavy samples)

4. IPX4K: nozzle aperture: 0.8mm (replace the corresponding nozzle during different tests)

5. IPX56: 1 IPX5 nozzle, 1 IPX6 nozzle, nozzle height and angle can be manually adjusted

Orifice size: φ 6.3mm (IP5 grade); φ 12.5mm, (IP6 grade)

6. IP6K rain test device: nozzle aperture: 6.3mm, spray flow rate: 75L/M ± 3.75L

Water spray pressure: approximately 1000kpa (adjusted according to flow rate)

UL waterproof: UL1598 sprinkler size: 2 meters high * 1.5 meters wide

Spray nozzle height: equipped with a lifting device (height adjustable)


Walk-in sand dust test room

1. Product model:SC-0150

2. Studio size:D2500mm×W2000mm×H3000mm

3. Volume:15M3

4. Dust concentration:2~4kg/M3

5. Allowable temperature values:RT+10℃~60℃

6. Relative humidity:≤ 25%RH(monitor)

7. Dust blowing control cycle:1s~99h(adjustable)

8. Timing of test time:1s~999h adjustable

Total load bearing:Sample Weight1T,Total bearing capacity should ˃1T


Sand and dust test chamber

1. Studio size:D1000mm×W1000mm×H1000mm

2. Volume:15M3

3. Dust concentration:2~4kg/M3

4. Allowable temperature values:RT+10℃~60℃

5. Relative humidity:≤ 25%RH(monitor)

6. Dust blowing control cycle:1s~99h(adjustable)

7. Timing of test time:1s~999h adjustable