The 'Guidelines for Testing Small Transport Packages for Express Delivery' drafted by ORT has been officially released by the China Packaging Federation

Release Date:


1、 Basic information of the standard:

Standard name: Guidelines for testing small transport packages for express delivery

Standard No.: T/CPF 0012-2020 (Group Standard of the People's Republic of China)

This standard was issued on December 22, 2020 and implemented on December 22, 2020.

Standard scope: This document provides guidelines for the acceptable damage limits, test samples, test plans, pre test preparation, test equipment, tests, and test reports of products and packaging for express delivery of small transportation packages, and specifies relevant information.

This document is applicable to express transportation packages with a mass not exceeding 3kg and a maximum size not exceeding 400mm. This article will not apply to dangerous goods transportation packaging.


Test plan:

Test sequence

Test items

Reference standards

Test strength



Temperature and humidity regulation treatment test

GB/T 4857.2

The test conditions for temperature and humidity adjustment treatment are shown in the standard



Free Drop Test (First)

GB/T 4857.5

6 drops, drop height 1000mm



Vertical random vibration test (first time)

GB/T 4857.23

The sample is placed in a bag and vibrates during stacking. The vibration intensity Grms values are 0.82g, 0.58g, and 0.41g



Vertical low pressure vibration test

GB/T 2423.59

The sample is in the bag, with a pressure value of 60kPa and a vibration intensity Grms value of 1.05g



Free Drop Test (Second)

GB/T 4857.5

The sample was dropped 6 times in the bag, with a drop height of 810mm



Vertical random vibration test (second time)

GB/T 4857.23

Vibration intensity Grms value: 0.46g



Free fall test (third time)

GB/T 4857.5

6 drops, drop height 1000mm


If the packaging and/or product are not affected by changes in air pressure or there is no air transportation process, vertical low pressure vibration testing may not be conducted.

2、 Standard drafting unit:



3、 ORT Express Small Packaging Testing Capability

1. Environmental processing capacity parameters




2. Vibration test capability parameters




3、Drop Test Capability Parameters



  4、Clamping test capability parameters



5、Horizontal impact/inclined impact test capability parameters



6、Packaging compression test capability parameters



7、Forklift Handling Test Capability Parameters



4、ORT participated in drafting and published standards:

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