Light aging

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Light aging test is the process of simulating various factors (light, water, heat) involved in the aging of a product under real environmental conditions, and strengthening the experiment under corresponding conditions. At the same time, according to usage requirements, the product's service life is reasonably predicted.

The core parameter of light aging test is light, which is mainly divided into four types according to different light sources: UV, xenon lamp, carbon arc lamp, and metal halogen lamp

Equipment Capability Parameters:


UV accelerated aging test chamber

1.Size of inner box:W(1140)mm×H(500)mm×D(600)mm

2.Condensing temperature: 50℃

3.Temperature uniformity:±3℃

4.Temperature uniformity:±0.5℃

5.Blackboard temperature:50℃~70℃

6.Lamp wavelength:

UVA-340, band 315-400nm, irradiance 0.35-1.2W/m2  

UVB-313, band 280-360nm, irradiance 0.35-1.2W/m2 

光照老化 Xenon lamp aging test chamber

1.Size of inner box:W(1140)mm×H(500)mm×D(600)mm

2.Blackboard temperature:

Dark standard thermometer BST,photoperiod 40-110℃, Dark cycle 25-85℃

3.Xenon lamp radiation intensity:

 340nm 0.35-0.7W

 420nm 0.55-1.1

 290-2450Nm 400-1120

4. studio temperature:10℃-70℃

5. Humidity range:

A、Lighting cycle:20-60%RH

B、Dark cycle humidity range: up to 30-98%

C、Humidity accuracy:±1%RH

D、Humidity fluctuation:±3%RH

6.Lamp brandLamp brand:import brand(First Light)

Test standards:

1. UV (Fluorescent UV Lamp)


GB/T 4892-3

GB/T 16422.3

GB/T 14522

ISO 11507

SAE J2020


2、carbon arc

ASTM G152-06

ASTM D822-01

ASTM D3361-01

ASTM D1499

JIS D0205

NES M0135

3、xenon lamp

ASTM D2565,


ASTM D4459

ASTM D6695

ISO 11341

ISO 4892-2

GB/T 2423.24

IEC 60068-2-5

4、Metal halogen lamp

DIN 75220,

GB/T 2423.24,

IEC 60068-2-5,

ISO 9022-9,

ISO 12097-2,

MIL-STD-810G (Method 505.5),

PV 1211