Precautions before ISTA testing? ISTA Standard Classification?

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ISTA is the abbreviation of the International Safe Transportation Association, an international non-profit organization. Its predecessor was the National Safe Transportation Association of the United States, with hundreds of well-known freight companies and laboratories worldwide. It has always been committed to assisting members in developing effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc. to improve the safety performance of product transportation packaging, thereby preventing or reducing losses encountered during transportation and handling.


1. Precautions before testing

Firstly, it is necessary to select a suitable ISTA testing program based on the packaging and transportation methods of the sample to be tested, as well as the circulation environment; Secondly, it is necessary to conduct testing in a packaging and transportation testing laboratory recognized by ISTA and obtain a test report with qualified results.

2. ISTA Standard Classification

The four main hazards commonly encountered in transportation include impact, vibration, pressure, and climate environment;

The ISTA series of standards are divided into the following testing series based on the above four types of hazard factors combined with the logistics environment

Series 1: Performance testing without simulating transportation integrity at all (basic testing)

Series 2: Performance testing of partial simulated transportation integrity

Series 3: 3 series: Performance testing for comprehensive simulation of transportation integrity

Series 4: Strengthen testing of simulated transportation integrity performance

Series 5: Guidelines for Centralized Simulation Transportation Testing

Series 6: Member Internal Testing

Series 7: Packaging R&D Testing Project

3. The role of ISTA testing

The purpose of Packaging and Transportation Testing (ISTA) is to evaluate whether packaging can protect the product from reaching its destination safely.

The packaging, transportation, and distribution of products are a huge and complex process. Conducting simulation testing in the laboratory is a simple, fast, effective, and cost-effective method for evaluating the protective capacity of packaging. The tested packaging can ensure that it meets the various indicators of stability, environmental friendliness, and recyclability set by various countries.

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