What are the three comprehensive tests?

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For people, they may not have heard of what the three comprehensive tests are, but in fact, this test is very necessary because the product may encounter problems during transportation and use due to changes in external environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and vibration. Therefore, the product development stage needs to conduct three comprehensive tests.

I Temperature detection

In fact, there will be temperature tests in the three comprehensive tests because the products will exhibit different states under different weather conditions. Some products are very prone to dissolution in high temperature environments, and some products may freeze at low temperatures due to material reasons, which can cause losses to buyers and harm to handling personnel.

2、 Vibration detection

In fact, vibration detection and impact detection are both part of the comprehensive testing process, because during transportation, road conditions are unpredictable and unpredictable, and it is precisely because this may cause damage to the goods. In order to prevent damage to the goods during transportation, vibration testing should be conducted in advance to understand the range that different goods can withstand.

3、 Humidity detection

In different geographical environments, there may be different air humidity levels. When the humidity is too high, it can actually cause many problems for products. Some products may deteriorate due to excessive humidity, while some environments are very dry and may cause explosive combustion. In order to ensure people's safety, conducting three comprehensive tests in advance can effectively improve safety.

After understanding the three comprehensive tests mentioned above, it can be seen that temperature testing, vibration testing, and humidity testing are all stages of comprehensive testing. These stages can effectively measure items, whether they can maintain a good state after passing through these states, and deliver them to consumers in a good state for them to use with peace of mind.