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Amazon is promoting a sustainable packaging initiative globally - the Frustration Free Packaging Vendor Incentive Program. Ten years ago, Amazon invented setback free packaging to reduce waste, reduce costs, and satisfy customers with 100% recyclable packaging that is easy to open. Since then, Amazon and thousands of partners have redesigned your packaging as a setback free packaging and received very positive feedback. Our setback free packaging program includes multiple sustainable packaging programs, such as transferring small items from packaging boxes to flexible mail bags, optimizing box size selection to better adapt to product size and weight, launching recyclable mail bags, and collaborating with global supplier partners to develop ready-made packaging. These measures reduced packaging materials by 244000 tons, saving 305 million transportation packaging boxes in 2017 alone.

Amazon is encouraged by these results. For products sold on the Amazon platform, packaging with dimensions greater than 18 * 14 * 8 inches or weights greater than 20 pounds must obtain testing and certification from Tier 1-FFP or Tier 2-SIOC of the Frustration Free Packaging Program before August 1, 2019. Starting from that date, Amazon will provide refunds to sellers and distributors, with a refund of $1.99 for each received package, provided that the package has obtained ISTA packaging certification. Starting from that date, Amazon will provide refunds to sellers and distributors, with a refund of $1.99 for each received package, provided that the package is certified as ISTA packaging and the product does not belong to hazardous goods (lithium-ion batteries, etc.), Prime Pantry (food), or fresh products. For packages that completed testing and certification between September 17, 2018 and July 31, 2019, Amazon will provide a one-time reward of $1.0 per package. The purpose is to encourage sellers who are the first to conduct package certification. For packages that fail to complete testing and certification, as well as packages that exceed the damage rate during actual execution, Amazon will repackage each package.


Currently, Amazon has changed the minimum packaging size for FFP and SIOC certification levels from 9 inches X6 inches X0.375 inches to 6 inches X4 inches X0.375 inches. All non classified ASINs that qualify due to this update will be displayed in the supplier product portfolio download on February 1, 2020, but will not be charged until August 1, 2020. And supplementary explanations have been provided for the changes in certification of certain products caused by the update of this size. A fine of $1.99 per package will be imposed on products that fail ISTA Amazon com SIOC testing and have packaging sizes greater than 18 inches X 14 inches X 8 inches.

The following is an official example from Amazon:

Example 1: The product packaging size is 19 inches x 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches

This size, according to the previous certification requirements, although the length of the product is greater than 18 inches, according to the previous minimum packaging of 9 inches X 6 inches X 0.375 inches, the product is exempt from fines due to its width (4.5 inches) not exceeding the minimum size certified for the product. According to the updated minimum certified size of 6 inches x 4 inches x 0.375 inches, the product will be fined for exceeding the minimum certified size requirement by a length greater than 18 inches and exceeding its length, width, and height.

Example 2: The product packaging size is 19 inches X3 inches X3 inches

Although this size is longer than 18 inches, according to the latest minimum certified size of 6 inches by 4 inches


Certified packaging must protect the product from damage from the entire supply chain to the hands of end consumers, without the need for additional packaging or Amazon packaging. This will reduce packaging waste and reduce environmental pollution. The packaging must be easy to open and eliminate the phenomenon of 'over packaging'. Finally, Amazon hopes that all packaging components are designed with recyclability. And ensure that packaging is aimed at reducing waste and is ready to be received from suppliers to customers. Amazon believes that packaging is a key component of providing an excellent customer experience and an important component of Amazon's sustainable development mission.

Amazon has established the Amazon Packaging website You can learn more about Amazon's packaging design, testing, certification, and case studies.

Amazon recognized packaging suppliers and packaging inspection certification agencies can search for third-party laboratories certified under the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network or ISTA certified laboratories.


Shen Zhen ORT Technical Service Co., Ltd. has obtained ISTA certification, with excellent testing equipment, professional technical team, and rich practical experience. We can assist you in verifying packaging performance, optimizing packaging design, ensuring compliance with relevant standards, protecting product transportation safety, enhancing market competitiveness, and issuing ISTA recognized formal packaging transportation test reports.

Testing laboratories with ISTA 6 series Amazon. com SIOC capabilities on the ISTA official website can be accessed through the following methods:

ISTA official website (www.ista. org): Testing Find a Lab or Services Name Search

Contact person: Ms. Yang 18923756175




Understand the certification inspection agency and contact information as follows:

ISTA China official website (www.ista china. org): Certification program - Laboratory certification - Search laboratory

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